Queens & Kings

Remi - King

Meet Remi, he is the Man of the house and father of all our F3-F6 Babies , he has that leather black nose we all love, emerald green eyes, bold spots , Dark ocellis and is a big boy!

Breeder: RockymtnExotics

Stella - Queen

Meet Stella , She is big sweet heart, very curious and a huge dog lover! She loves dogs doesn't matter the size or the breed she will be right by their side. Can't wait to see what she produces and are so blessed to have her as part of our program.

Pandora - Queen

Meet Pandora , she has gorgeous hazel eyes, has exotic characteristics, huge ears, bold spots, long legs, and dark markings. So excited to watch this girl continue to grow and see what she produces!

Raven - Queen

Meet Raven, she is an exact replica of the serval perfect golden coat, bold black spots, huge upright ears, dark Ocellis and has that leather black nose we all love.she is a gentle giant and is an exceptional addition to our program!

Gima - Queen

Meet Gima , she is such a loving girl and a star to say the least! She loves walks and any outdoor adventure, she loves being up high and is a big eater! ‍

Tulip - Queen

Meet Tulip , another one of our keeper girls and wow! how have we fallen in love with her the more and more she grows!! Black nose , beautiful bold spots, she stays at your feet all day, we can't get enough of her!! and we're so excited to continue watching her grow!

Breeder: Spot On Exotics

Orchid - Queen

Meet Orchid, she is our dark beauty , she comes from IWANNA and Drink water Lienage , and we are so proud to have her as part of our cattery , she is the most loving little one on the planet!!! We can't wait to continue watching her grow!

Breeder: IWANNA

Royal Reign - Queen

Meet Reign , she is a home bred beauty and we can't wait to see what she produces, we are so proud of her already! Beautiful distinct spot's , 3 point face , and she is a long and lean girl.

Breeder: Spot On Exotics

Willow - Queen

Meet PK! she is the first queen Spot on ever owned, and wow has she Brought us far! She is on the road to retirement soon , and we couldn't be more proud of her! she has that beautiful 3 point face we all love, Pointy ears , green eyes and is the best momma ever!

Breeder: Simba SVS

Dior - Queen

Meet Dior , she is one of our keeper girls from PK , she is a silver girl with darkbold spots, an amazing personality, she can bea little spit fire sometimes and never fails to make us laugh! we love her dearly, and she will carry on PK's legacy at Spot on Exotics.

Breeder: Spot On Exotics